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Julesuct wrote on “Hello Peter”
After having the worst experience at another car service centre, I took my car to Riaan at RDM – what a pleasure! He identified various possible problems with my car based on what I told him over the phone, and had no problem fitting me in in the middle of the afternoon, at my convenience. Once I brought the car in, he identified and fixed the problem in about 15 minutes, and did not charge for diagnosing the problem (a blown fuse) or for fixing it for me. The service was quick, friendly and efficient and he was able to provide quotes on multiple issues within minutes. Its very rare that you find someone in the auto repair industry who is as honest, friendly, professional and knowledgeable as Riaan,  and I will never take my car to anyone else!. I can  wholeheartedly recommend Riaan and RDM to everyone in the JHB area.

M Roose wrote:
RDM Auto Services has been my saving grace many times. You can rely on Riaan to go that extra mile whenever it is needed, for towing, advice, urgent services and many many more.
Walking into their offices is always a pleasure. you are welcomed with warmth and friendly faces. I have been using RDM Auto Services for 10 years and I will take my car to no one else, ever. Their pricing structure is the best and trying to compare would be a waste of time.
Thank you RDM Auto for always being the best in town.

L Molangeng wrote:
RDM Auto  Services has been the answer to all my car troubles, knowing little to nothing about cars has resulted in me being ripped off countless times when it comes to a simple service until I came across RDM Auto Services, who pride themselves in an honest day’s work, always explaining to you what is wrong with your car and how they are going to fix it, always ready to provide excellent service to their customers and most importantly always there for you when you need them the most. Thanks a mil RDM. 😉

Heidi Kirchner wrote:
I am compelled to write a thank you for the extraordinary service that both my car and I have received at RDM Auto. After years of being over-charged and under-serviced I am so pleased that, for the first time, I being under-charged and over-serviced (never had my shopping been brought in for me!). It is such a pleasure to hear the words ‘no problem’, when all I have ever heard is “hmm that part will take a month to get here and will cost you your next three bond payments”.
What a pleasure to find a workshop that repairs instead of replaces, that understands mechanics and electronics, is able to diagnose without a machine, and that loves what they do! My old girl is in good hands – thank you!.

Emma Stander wrote:
I would just like to take the time to thank you for the incredible service over the past two years!
After my brakes started failing two years ago, I did a quick online search and found the “World Olympics Mechanic”. A day later I had new brakes and a surprisingly low bill.
I started referring friends and family to RDM Auto Services and both my parents, extended family and even doctor, now service their cars with you.
In January I bought a car from an auction company and there were lots of repair work to be done. The car dealership’s quote for my rattling exhaust was almost R7000. I decided to get a second opinion from Riaan, who informed me that the exhaust didn’t need to be replaced, but instead just fixed. I ended up saving almost R6000! On several occasions Riaan has helped me out, with this noise and that noise, always giving advice, that’s best in MY interest and not for the sake of making extra money.
I’ve always trusted RDM, the service is amazing, the staff is always friendly and the repair rates are exceptionally low.
I hope that the RDM Team will be sticking around in Randburg for a long time coming, as you’ve truly been a saving grace.